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  • 3 minute retouch


    A month ago I picked up a little photoshop action called 3 minute retouch, (I think). Applied to a portrait it allowed you to whiten teeth, brighten irises and smooth out skin in a few minutes.

    It was put together by a professional photographer who offered it free on his site.

    My system crashed and I lost everything including the action. I've searched everywhere for it but can't find it anywhere. Has anyone seen it?

    I realise I could do one myself, but this one has some neat little tweaks and I forget them all.


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    Sorry to hear about your lousy luck.

    RE: "My system crashed and I lost everything including the action"

    Do you mean the hard disk had to be replaced and no data recovery was possible? Reason I ask: I had a HD failure recently myself and all data was recovered from it (for a price) and copied onto the replacement HD. The contents of the Actions Palette is saved in (what's known as) a preferences file and if you could get your hands on that, you could recover your Actions Palette completely.

    The action you mentioned rings a bell, but I've not been able to find it either.



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      Hi Danny

      Thanks, I'll see if I can salvage anything, but I doubt it. My memory had to be replaced and the harddrive was formatted and Win2000 put on instead of 98. I doubt there's anything left on the harddrive. :-(

      I'm kicking myself that I didn't back up my actions to disk. Stupid me. Eesh.



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        If the hard drive was reformatted, that would unfortunately toast any files. Heavy sigh... The good news: W2K is a lot more stable than W98 if that's any comfort.

        Good luck on the recovery project. If I run across that action I'll sure let you know.



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