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  • WendyW
    Drop Shadow
    by WendyW
    On one layer I have an image of a man and on another layer the background. What I want to do is create a drop shadow on a separate layer so that I can adjust the shadow (keep it attached at his feet ... but drop the rest of the shadow at the side of him) ... not sure if I'm explaining this very well)...
    04-10-2004, 07:38 AM
  • fryday
    How to do a realistic shadow
    by fryday
    Hi guys,

    I'm just about finshed with a little photomanipulation i've been working on and i just cant seem to do a good shadow for it. can anyone give me advice on how to ad a realistic and effective shadow to this image.


    04-07-2009, 04:29 AM
  • buso23
    Separating drop shadow effect on different layer?
    by buso23
    I have an image of playing cards stacked on top of each other and want to add some dimension to it by applying some drop shadow in between them but I want the drop shadow effect on a separate layer so as to easily control its effect on this image of playing cards. I have all the cards on separate layers...
    10-05-2010, 06:17 AM
  • ylwdog
    How to create 3d photo frame w/ shadow
    by ylwdog
    I would appreciate help in learning how to create a border with a shadow as the image below shows.


    04-28-2011, 04:47 PM
  • cendres
    Question on drop shadows and masks
    by cendres
    Probably doing something stupid here, but let me ask the question.

    Lets say I have a background image and then I select a person from another image and paste it as a new layer over the background image. When doing this I often have to create a mask on the upper layer to clean up the...
    01-14-2002, 06:40 PM