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  • pattern removal?

    I had a project that required for me to remove the pattern from the photo. This pattern was caused by the texture of the photo paper. Is there a good way of removing this?
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    If you have access to certain filters this type of grain can be reduced. There's a couple of texture/noise removal filters out there, and the one I like is a dinky little filter called Eye Fidelity Tools (EFT). The layout of the filter itself is not good because it hides some of its better features under a button on the interface called "more filters'', that, when clicked, gives the user plenty of noise reduction tools.
    To achieve the effect I did here, I applied a moire removal filter - which is one of the EFT sets - and did so three times, at three different angles and strengths. I then added noise from Alien Skin, although the noise filter in Photoshop would due. Then I applied slight curves to darken the midtones and cleaned up the scratches.
    You might be able to get a working demo of EFT at their website, although I'm not sure about that.
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      Can we get an URL for the EFT guys?
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        Mig, where and when did you get your copy? Do you have a demo copy or working program; if demo - does it offer full features?

        When I did a search, I found their website at but the site states that "The EyeFidelityTools plug-in is not yet on the market and is still in the beta stage", but does offer downloads of demos.

        Full Edition (FE) Advanced Plug-in
        The EyeFidelityTools (EFT) FE plug-in is intended for more experienced and advanced users including professionals. The plug-in includes a variety of powerful noise reduction and enhancement EFT filters and a specialized scripting capability for high productivity. This free download beta version permits the application and viewing of the filtering results within a preview window, including the scripting capability. The "OK" button is enabled in registered versions for viewing the entire image result.


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          Wow, excellent results. I gather you have the beta version so I have to ask how it's running and have you had any problems with it crashing etc.

          There isn't any magic tools or filters in Photoshop that work that good that I know of. That texture problem from certain photo surfaces can be a real problem to deal with. So far this EFT is the best results I've seen without having to blur the photo.


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            Mig, that's amazing results!! Do you know if the filters work as well on colored photos? I've got about 50 colored photos with similar texture that I just scanned and will be working on over the next few months. Do you know when the EFT filters will be released (non-beta)? And how did you know which filters to use for this. Was it trial and error, something you just knew, or was there some sort of tutorial with the filters that show how to deal with this sort of thing? Thanks, Jeanie


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              I feel bad now. I didn't realize it was only in demo mode until I went to their web site. Sorry about that.
              But if you don't have eft then you can go about it in other ways from the native filters in ps. The third panel from this attachment shows this, and has a nifty trick with the texturizer filter.
              This version came out noisy and you can still see the horizontal lines, but what the hell. My notes for this were to fix the obvious artifact with the clone tool first, then apply the median filter fairly liberally, then apply the texturizer filter and choose "load filter"
              ... back up a second, because prior to doing the texturizer filter here, you need to create a psd file that is nothing more than a 100 by 100 pixel sized file with a white background where you've added a dose of noise. Save that file as a psd file and name it skin.psd and put it in a folder on your computer. Now, when you go to do the texturizer filter, in the drop down menu, choose "load texture", then navigate to the folder where you saved skin.psd and click it. The noise in the skin.psd file will be the map, if you will, for the grain/texture that you're adding. Play with the sliders in the texturizer dialogue box; this will require some experimentation. It's hit & miss here, so if the strength is too high, just go to "fade texturizer" to lessen the strength. Essentially what you're doing is putting a grain in the skin of the woman's face, but it works for other things too, in this case it also helps to hide the fact that the picture was a mess to begin with.
              Follow up with a touch of noise and it's done.

              The fourth panel I thought was interesting because it's a mix of the eft & photoshop versions and the woman looks very nice. Thank god for computers, cuz this woman's a babe.

              Jeaniese, I spend most of my ps time working on women's faces and bodies, I can't help myself. I have a url for a tutorial on some of this but it's adult content and most people who visit here would be offended by the site, so I don't give it out, but if you're interested and not offended by nudity you can e-mail me for the link, [email protected]

              I'll send Doug the tutorial for the grain effect, along with the skin.psd file because it's confusing and if he likes it he'll add it to the site.
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                No need to feel bad - you've offered a tip that I'm going to work on today, and info about a filter that looks worth using when it's available - good stuff!


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                  Ditto what CJ said. Thanks for the great tip. I downloaded the beta version to try out when I can get a chance. I love the versions you posted showing the difference between the two and the two together. Looks great and a very valuable technique.


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                    I knew there had to be a something out there for this problem. I'll try to download this plug-in and try it. These results are great.



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                      Totally Awesome results Mig!! Thanks for the input and I am really looking foreward to the tutorial. Sheer magic!! Tom


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