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TIFF versus PSD file

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  • TIFF versus PSD file

    Hi All,

    From a RAW format, which should i use when saving a "developed" file? I just notice the TIFF file is bigger than the PSD file.

    I just want to use a minimal file size as possible without loosing any details.

    Thanks a lot.

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    You can try a Tiff with LZW compression setting. It's a lossless file compression ulike JPG.

    Does anybody use the new JPG 2000 format from Pegasus, PG2. It's supose to have a very high compression and almost lossless. I also heard it does not work with most browsers though.

    System Requirements - Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
    Compatible with Photoshop 4, 5 and 6 and Photoshop Elements
    Compress and view images in the new JPEG 2000 imaging standard
    JPEG 2000 offers higher quality, smaller images
    Ideal for large images
    Choose either the desired compression ratio or output size
    Both lossy and lossless modes are supported
    Preview to view the visual effects of changing compression settings
    Zoom in to magnify the image and see the results of compression
    Supports grayscale image data 8-16 bpp and 24-bit RGB color image files
    Free full-featured trial version available for immediate download


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      Something to consider might be Photoshop's Camera Raw plugin that also includes JPG 2000. I don't have it yet but the idea of being able to import a Raw file directly into Photoshop must have some exciting advantages.



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