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45 years old photo - what to do?

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  • 45 years old photo - what to do?

    Hi folks;

    I'm new around here (and new with photoshop as well).
    I'm working on a picture a long time without success.
    it's an old picture and i'm looking for some advice like: what can i do to improve it? What kind of techniques?
    Well i really appreciate any kind of help.
    Here is the original picture and the one i made (so bad) :

    Emerson Brito

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    Hello Emerson - welcome to RetouchPRO.

    I am no expert but took a copy of your original and

    Converted to black and white using an adjustment layer and Channel Mixer/Monochrome

    Repaired the scratches using the patch tool.

    Duplicated the layer and on the duplicate used the blur tool on the background and skin areas - brush size dependent on the area being done. Large for the background. Avoiding the hair, eyes and nostrils.

    For the hair I used the smudge tool at a fairly low strength and a small soft brush.

    A higher resolution scan might have helped.

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      Thanks for help.
      I'm very impressed with the results you got.
      It's amazing.
      I have a high resolution scan but unfortunately i posted a low resolution one.
      Well, i'll try do the same but if i can't get the same results, i call you for help.
      Thanks a lot and i think you're wrong... "you're an expert"

      Emerson Brito


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        Wow, Christine, just had to post and say your results are just ... WOW! ... very impressive


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          I was looking over the various posting and when I came
          across this one.Christine I have to say you did a real
          wonderful restoration of Emerson Brito's photograph.
          I was tempted to colorize it due to the fact that I enjoy
          colorizing photo's.
          I used a mask and curves to color it as shown in many
          tutorials on this forum and many sites.
          I didn't know what the lady's coloring actually was but I
          came up with this.I apologize beforehand if I insulted anyone
          which isn't my intent.

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            it's cool Joseph;
            Well done.


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              Thank You Emerson. I couldn't have done it without Christine's
              beautiful restoration.

              Thanks to both you and Christine.



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                nice work

                nice work XARAN


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                  45 years old photo - what to do?

                  I am copy pasting the following explanation from another thread as I have done exactly the same thing.

                  Used AstraImage to remove the pattern. Used the FFT Edit feature. Converted the image to grayscale and ran the FFT command. In the displayed FFT window, masked out (filled with black circles) the bright points which correspond to the pattern.

                  I have not tried to restore the photo in full as I am not good at it now.
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