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    Happy New Year ,
    I have searched and searched for a thread about making collages that I read a year or so ago. I recall discussion about positioning the photos around the edges for best results. Sadly I cannot find it.l
    I am trying to make an interesting collage and have read some tutorials so know how to blend and fade but when it comes to sizes , .........
    I create a new large canvas and drag photos onto it - All 2x3 size. But they appear larger than that on canvas. How do I make them smaller?????
    Thanks for any advice.

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    If your 2x3 images look too big, I'm guessing the page you are dropping them into is not set at a optimum dpi (300).
    Are you going to print these? If so, make a new document, set it to 8x10 and change the dpi to 300. You're images should fit fine.
    If you want to resize them after that, (and I'm assuming you have Photoshop) select the image, go to Edit>Transform>Scale.


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      Thanks Vikki, Keeping the res the same on the new master and the photos to use in the collage has solved the size problem.
      I'm on my way to making collages !!


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        Here are some tutorials I found on the web:

        Creating a Montage

        Snapshot Montage


        Fading Images into One


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