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  • sage150
    Hi Duv,

    Thanks for asking.I've read lots of the links you gave me and I've d/l some
    free software that was on the sites.I recently updated a photo printer
    software from Canon that I am still looking over called photo print pro.
    What happens in most cases is that what I see on screen is not what I
    get as a printed photograph.As a matter of fact the other day I printed
    out a photo that looked kind of light and murky.When I finished printing
    it I had unexpected results.The photo came out fine with the good
    coloring,focus,sharpness and in general I was satisfied with it.
    So the real problem I have is understanding how to print what I actually
    see on screen if that's possible.Right now it seems to be pot luck.
    I use an i470D Canon Photo Printer.I have to learn how to use their photo
    software correctly and then hopefully I'll get good results.
    In the meantime I'll keep reading about the subject until I have it down pat.

    Thanks Again,


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  • Duv
    Hi Joseph

    I don't know if you have solved your problem. The only thing I can think of is you lose quite a bit of resolution if you just increase the print size in one go. One way to get a print close to your 4 x 6 might be to increase the size incrementely, say 5% for the width and height. If you write an action for it, it goes fairly fast.


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  • sage150
    started a topic Out of Focus

    Out of Focus

    [IMG]In Laws[/IMG]

    After working on a photo and printing it I find it isn't
    as viewed on my monitor.
    I'm trying to understand why after printing a photo perhaps
    4X6 as an 8x10 it gets blurry and out of focus.
    Is there a way to correct this problem?

    Thank You and Happy New Year