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PS7 Align cloneing from different docs

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  • PS7 Align cloneing from different docs

    my english is not ready for me to participate at this forum...
    Last edited by ismore; 01-02-2004, 05:53 PM.

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    On the properties bar of the clone tool you should see a check box marked align, click this and your cloning should automatically align.



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      The program has to know what you want to clone. You may not want to clone to the same place on the new document.

      I think you would probably do better with copying and pasting the other image into the original and using a layer mask. If you press 'alt' ('option'on MAC) and click the layer mask icon you will get a mask which reveals all of the previous layers. You can then use white on the mask to reveal as much or as little of the second image as you want. By using a soft brush you can get a very good blend between the images.

      You can repeat this with as many layers/copies as you want to and all layers/masks will still be editable.



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