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  • Kissed Vixen
    Ummm like the sounds of that book!
    Thanks for the reply! I tried the path trick, since I didn't use a path to create the logo, (I am bad with those too) I did a work path, as well as a standard. The I exported them to illustrator files and opened them there..

    That does work but only for the path, still nice trick I will have to remember that!
    I was kinda hoping it would take the coloring I did to it, making it look all chromey and shiney! hehehe
    guess I will just have to figure out how to do that effect in illustrator

    On another note, I did try to just print the logo to see if it was as bad as it looked in illustrator and quark, and it wasn't, actually looked pretty good
    So it seems, much to my relief that even if it looks like a mess once imported to illustrator, it will print like it looked in photoshop!

    thanks again for the reply


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  • roger_ele
    I know nothing, but I have a book = "Photoshop, Painter, & Illustrator side-by-side" by Wendy Crumpler. A quick look leads me to think that graphics when opened in illustrator is rastorized, causing the jaggies. The book says to transfer paths from Photoshop to Illustartor use File>Export>Paths to Illustator then open in Illustrator.

    If your graphic is not a path then control/command click the layer with the graphic to select, then in paths window 'Make work Path', then Save Path. I am guessing on the best way to do this since I don't work with paths very much ...

    Hope this helps,

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  • Kissed Vixen
    started a topic from photoshop to illustrator help

    from photoshop to illustrator help

    ok I know this isn't a retouching question but still graphics related
    maybe someone out there can help me.

    I am pretty good with photoshop, but I don't know illustrator very well..
    I created a graphic in photoshop, a logo
    its quite curvey, and in photoshop the edges look nice, but soon
    as I import it to illustrator the edges are really jagged.

    I don't know why this happens

    tried my logo in different resolutions going up to 300 and same thing happens..

    any idea how to fix this ?