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1922 family photo

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  • 1922 family photo

    Need some advice with photo have been using Photoshop tools, healing brush, patch tool and scratch and dust filter with limited success my main challenge seemed to be the light damage on the boys head on right side of photo and also the creased area going through from bench, any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am a novice Photoshop user but am really keen to learn.
    many thanks zen
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    easy editing

    Jpg lost most of details everytime. also its a low res. pic. so not much recovered as it take time.

    this happened after using clone tool and this method](Try to learn this)[/COLOR]

    not finished yet. no ear details ... etc . only the hair and some cloth recovered.

    you can use neat image to clean a photo easily, as it takes much time with conventional method.
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      Thanks for the advise SaIkAt

      thank you for your advise i am impressed with the results you have achevied,
      after i use the clone tool would you advise using healing brush to get a easier match and is it then possible to change back to your sepia image from grayscale as the person that i am working on photo for may consider it as part of original character
      thanks again Zen


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        I would go a little different way.

        To bring the light areas on the head down a little darker, do a little gentle burning with the burn tool.

        And on the fold/crack I would use the healing brush to maintain the grain of the picture.

        As for the question of putting a grey scale back to sepia, it is very doable. Just do a ctrl-u to bring up the hue dialog, change it to colorize, and then find the right level of sepia you want (mainly by the hue slider).

        - Noel
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          Since you were concerned mainly with the boy's head, I only worked on that. This is a *very* fast and easy way to correct it in this image. I changed the image to grayscale. Duplicated the background layer, and set the blending mode to multiply. Made a layer mask, then filled with black, to basically undo the effects of the multiply mode. Then I painted with white, using a low opacity setting, only on the hair areas of the damage. This made that part darker, but it was slightly too dark, so I just lowered the opacity on that layer until it matched. Flattened, and called it quits. It took me longer to write this than it did to actually do it. Noel gave you a quick and easy way to sepia tone it.

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