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Leopard Print/Mottled ??

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  • Leopard Print/Mottled ??

    The attached image is a friend's wife's house. She grew up in this house and this is one of the only 2 photos she has. I've left the crop to include the "white" border so you can see better the brown mottled effect that covers the entire picture.

    Any ideas on how to reduce or minimize this ?.

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    Hi Mark,

    as a start, I'd begin with an adjustment layer, setting the white point to the border, which removes some of the brown color.

    A more serious attempt is to replace the blue channel, because 90% of the damage is done here.

    As a result you'll come out at something like my attachment... its a very quick job, but shows the direction (at least I hope so). Next step would be to heal the remaining color spots with cloning.

    hope this helps
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      Levels adjustment on each individual channel.

      And yes, the vast majority of the damage is to the blue channel.
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        thanks for your input, very much appreciated.



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