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    My first post/question...In K. Eismann's book (2nd edition) CH4 page 127 she wants the reader to add a new layer and fill it with the foreground color which is sampled from the picture. I cannot get that layer to fill... it remains clear. I have spent far too much time on this and would really appreciate some help. What am I missing ?

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    Welcome aboard Jim. Just a shot in the dark. Are you going to Edit/Fill/Foreground color? When you get the box for picking the color, make sure Foreground color is chosen. I know that sounds too simple, but I've made mistakes like that a time or two.



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      Are you by any chance leaving "Preserve Transparency" checked? If so it will be trying to preserve the transparency when you fill, which means (if your layer is completely transparent) it will be preserving that complete transparency.

      ("Preserve Transparency" is an option in the Edit -> Fill dialog box)
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        Immediately above your new layer is an area that says Lock follows by 4 icons. Make sure the first one which says "Lock Transparent Pixels" when you hold the cursor over it, is unchecked.



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          I was leaving the "Preserve Transparency" box checked...big dope award accepted. That's what happens when I get tired.
          Thank you very much. Looking forward to participating...maybe someday I will be able to answer questions instead of asking.


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