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eraser and brush won't work -photoshop7

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  • eraser and brush won't work -photoshop7

    hi all. I'm hoping someone can help me!! the eraser and paintbrush in my photoshop 7 program seem to have ceased working. the problem is not in the image file, because I can paint and erase in this image in photoshop elements with no problem. (i don't know if there's any connection, but the problem started last night after I installed a wacom tablet and associated software, including the wacom program, penPalette by nik, and corel Painter classic.) actually, i think the eraser is working, but only in the size of a microscopic pinprick, when I select brush mode. seems to be working with no problem in block mode.

    Thank god I have elements to pick up the slack at the moment, but this is a real pain!! any ideas or help you may have with this would be most appreciated!!!

    as an aside, the painter classic program that I just installed also seems to be behaving strangely. when I open any of my photos, the image appears all lime-green and pixelated. can't seem to get it to look like it's supposed to. any ideas on this one?

    thanks much!!


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    I can't help you with Painter, but it sounds like your PS brushes got discombobulated. You can reset them via the brushes palette.

    You might also want to go into the Wacom control panel and walk through the calibration routine.

    Hope this helps, or that someone else can.
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