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    I am having a problem with color matching and a very picky client.
    he had 138 badges shot. 130 were shot in one sitting so are all the same they did 8 2 weeks later and they are slightly different. I have tried color matching in photoshop cs.. but i cant get it .. This is driving me nuts please help. I have a link with 3 examples the ones with the redish square are the new ones.. <<<<linkage>>>>

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    Pick a color on the original that you want the new ones to match to. Use the info palette to see the RGB values, and write them down. Put a color sampler (under the eyedropper tool) on a spot you want to match on the new image. Open a Curves adjustment layer and Ctrl+Alt (or Cmd+Opt for Mac) click on the color sampler to add a point on the curve for that spot. Use the dropdown menu on the Curves dialog to select the red channel and use the up/down arrows (NOT the left/right arrows) to make the sampler value match the red value from the original. Repeat for the green and blue channels.
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      is it best to select from a lighter part of the metal or a darker part.. and should you be choosing say the back ground part on each with the sampler?


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        If you select a badge and put it on a seperate layer (or even if it's a seperate file), you can add a "Style" with a specific color overlay. You can then copy that style to all the other badges and the color will match.


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