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  • Sepia numbers

    Would anyone be willing to share RGB numbers for Sepia toning?

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    Welcome aboard!

    Rather than a specific RGB value, here's another perspective. The attachment shows ballpark settings used in a Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation dialog. Note: "Colorize" is checked on.

    Once applied you can use the Eyedropper tool to sample RGB settings at various points in an image.

    Does this help?

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      Thanx Danny

      I use hue/saturation often but never realized what the colorize feature was... quite a time saver and easy tone control.

      On mine there is another way .

      with an image changed to grayscale when you select image/mode/duotone there is a "load button" which on mine at least offers some nice choices...

      you may have to find them 1st time in "presets" (see arrow) and also there are more choices as you near it in the final duotone preset files...

      I like Danny's quick way ... nice to see the changes as you slide the bar over, but at least right off I wasn't able to match the tones offered in presets.. nice to have those options also..
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        Hi Ken

        You wanted to know what RGB values to use. This is very subjective but I would suggest as a starting point try 229/182/46 and adjust opacity/intensity to suit. You may also want to try a demo download "convert to B&W pro". Just type that in your search engine and you'll get it fast. When you download it you'll have to copy and drag into PS plugin filters. I've just started to play with it myself.



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          Many thanks everyone for the helpful replys!



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            I find that the Hue/Sat method sometimes looks muddy with some photos. This is what I do:

            -Add a Solid Color Adjustment layer on top, change the blend mode to color.

            The numbers I picked for the look I like was R:132 G:114 B:83, I like a subtle warmth rather than bright color.

            If you like a brighter color, but you find the light areas show too much color, press control-alt/opt-tilde(~) to select the highlights - then create a hue/sat layer, the selection will load as a mask so that you back off on the saturation for the highlights.



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              Sepia tutorial

              Ran across this tutorial today. Thought I'd add it to the thread for future reference...