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    HI! havent been here for some time and lemme say i cant find the post new thread.... until i notice the whole forum became dhtml... gotta learn new tricks anyway... good upgrade especially the tutorials!!! OK, the question is simple doesnt even have anything to do with retouching and honestly i dont know where forum i should place this... sorry if i place it in the wrong forum feel free to delete this.

    say i use the shapes and there is now say a star how do i do it so that instead of default styles or solid colors inside the shape i could place like photos?? i would like to place my moms photo there inside a shape?? do you know how?? kindly point me to a tutorial online if there is... i cant find it too. thanks for reading this long post btw. thanks!!!

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    If I understand you correctly, select your Star or whatever with Lasso or other selection tool. Select your image, copy and paste into the Star.



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      Create your shape on its own layer. Put your photo on the layer above that. Activate the layer with the photo on it and do Ctrl+G (or Layer -> Group with Previous).


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        Originally posted by Leah
        Create your shape on its own layer. Put your photo on the layer above that. Activate the layer with the photo on it and do Ctrl+G (or Layer -> Group with Previous).
        thanks so much it worked like a charm!!!! although i also got what duv says. only i have to use paste into instead of only paste... yours is the best solution thanks a lot!!!! im sorry for asking such a basic question... just that i dont know ps very much.... thanks again.


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