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A Couple of changes to the "Welcome Note..."

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  • A Couple of changes to the "Welcome Note..."

    After the Forums Software Upgrade, some small changes needed to be made to a couple of points of Jeanie's great Welcome Note ....

    They are:

    Originally posted by jeaniesa
    2. I’m only one of several Moderators here at RetouchPro. I am by no means an expert, but I love to help out in any way I can – just like all of the moderators here. When you click on Forums in the menu bar, you’ll be brought to the Forums main page with a list of the moderators in the right hand column next to the forum section they are responsible for.(((NOT THERE ANYMORE))) The easiest way for you to contact any of us is the click on the “Forum Leaders” link at the very bottom of the Forums main page. This will give you a full list of the moderators along with a button to send a PM to each. There is also a PM button at the bottom of every post that anyone makes.(((NOT THERE ANYMORE))) If you ever have a question or feel lost and/or confused, please don’t hesitate to send me a PM asking for help. I try to check messages multiple times per day, but some days I’m not able to check as often as I’d like. In any case, I promise to get back to you just as soon as possibly I can.

    3. At the bottom of the Forums main page you’ll see a list of forum members currently online. The moderators are shown in bold type;(((NOT ANYMORE))) our Wizard (Doug) is shown in bold and italicized type.(((NOT ANYMORE))) Clicking on a name will bring you to the profile page for that forum member, where you will find links for PM, e-mail, websites and other info that the member has chosen to share.

    4. User CP (User Control Panel), at the bottom of the forum menu panel,(((NOW AT THE TOP LEFT CORNER OF THE FORUMS MAIN PAGE))) lets you change any of your preferences. It also lets you edit your buddy lists and turn off forum notifications. You’ll also find the ability to add and/or modify your avatar, too, under the “Edit Options” tab. An avatar is the little picture you see below many members' names. For more information on avatars, click here. If you choose to create your own avatar (many members have), remember that the rule of “50 by 50 pixels or 20K bytes (whichever is smaller)” is very strict. Your avatar will not load if your image file is larger than that. As always, if you need help, feel free to PM me or post your question in the forum. (If you search on “avatar” in the forums, you’ll see that you’re not the first person to ask questions about it! )


    Also, in this section in particular, it is very helpful to post an example image that visually shows what you are requesting help with. You can upload one image along with your post;(((NOT ANYMORE...NOW, IT'S POSSIBLE TO UPLOAD MORE IMAGES))) it must be under 100KB in size, so you will find that JPG is probably your best option for format – and you may need to either reduce the quality you save the image at and/or reduce the size of the image. (Don’t worry if you’re not able to get your image to load the first time you try! It happens to just about everyone and you’ll get lots of helpful comments if you’re having difficulty.) If you want to include more than one image, you’ll have to post a reply to your thread to add more. The limit is one image per post, but there is no limit on the number of posts. You may also post a URL to point to an image elsewhere on the web, though if you are able to include an image with your post, that makes it easier for others later on when they are trying to learn from the thread. (This is because in our experience, URL’s are often deleted after members have the information they need.)

    ....As one of the latest addition to the Moderators' Team for this Forum, please feel free to PM me as well if you think I can be of help!

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    General question: What is the white triangle outlined in red next to the post #. It says 'report bad posts', but everyone doesn't have it. Just curious. kiska


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      Hi Kiska,

      I don't remember seeing it before, so, it must be a new acquisition from the last 'move'

      When you open and post on a Thread containing several other posts, everyone but you should have the 'report bad posts' triangle next to the post number....

      I think it's a tool which can can be used to report Thread and number of any bad, offensive etc. posts 'higher up' so that they can be edited or, in the worst cases, even deleted.

      Since not all the posts can be possibly read by Doug or the moderators ... this is how everybody can help to keep RP 'tidy'


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        Thanks. kiska


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          They are:

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