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BIG safu....ALL operations at a standstill!

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  • BIG safu....ALL operations at a standstill!

    Just installed my new Elements 2.0 software last night, all went well, but after
    > working with, saving and printing about five images (Cann 300D) I
    > got a message saying there was a problem with the Elements Scanner,
    > and the big red X.
    > Now, I'm unable to do more than see the pics in thumbnail format.
    > I'm not able to alter or enlarge--- NOTHING after that. This
    > situation is not format dependent BTW, it is in RAW and JPEG
    > format, with the hookup coming directly from the camera. Any
    > thoughts? (I've re-boot a bunch already next step is to uninstall
    > and re-instal, but I'd rather not if I can find some other fix.)
    > Thanks
    > Zellie
    Windows XP BTW

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    First guess would be a corrupt driver or twain or one that needs to be updated, but if you reinstall & update and still have problems....hmmmm.

    I did a quick search and this link might provide you with some answers:
    Elements 2.0 & Scanner Problems

    In brief it looks like XP and Elements sometime clash and as a result the user's account is damaged and according to the threads you have to create a new one....

    From Adobe's site...(this may be more helpful)
    Troubleshooting system errors or freezes (Photoshop Elements on Windows XP)

    Error or freeze occurs when you install Photoshop or Photoshop Elements

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