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HELP UpSample & Color Correct 60 JPG Images Files

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  • HELP UpSample & Color Correct 60 JPG Images Files


    I have 60 low resolution JPG Files that I want to UpSample, Color Correct & Sharpen in photoshop 7. The size of the images are "Width=1000 Pixels & the Height=1488 Pixels" All will be used in a slideshow & some will be inlarged & printed 8x10 if I can improve the quality to produce a good 8x10.

    I also need advise on the fastest & simplest method to correct & UpSample these JPG Files provided by the film processing lab. They were originally from negative film from an EOS 1V & is not available. The JPG Files look DEAD when viewed on my calibrated monitor using ACDSee to view them & are unacceptable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks & Best Regards, GHO64
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    Hi GHO64,

    For "the fastest & simplest method to Color (+Contrast) Correct in photoshop 7", I just used a simple Curves Adjustment Layer for both your pictures:
    • Using the Color Pickers at the bottom of the Curves Dialog Box, Set the White Point (mine is set to H=0; S=0; B=95)on what should be a 'nearly' white spot on your picture.

    • Set the Black Point ( mine is set to H=0; S=0; B=5)on what should be a black spot on your picture. (Should you still have a light color cast, you could also use the Set Grey Point on what should be a grey spot on your picture).

    For the sharpening I used the Custom Filter .... I'm attaching a "Stamp+Sharp" action I wrote, which will first merge visible all the underlying "visible" Layers without losing any of the steps you took...(just in case you'd like to go back and correct...), then slightly sharpen the image.

    For the "UpSample" .... check this Thread with tips and links on the topic.

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