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Correcting A Blurred Picture?

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  • Correcting A Blurred Picture?


    I can't find an FAQ, so I help this isn't against the rules!

    I have a digital picture taken from a new camera. When taken, the picture was slightly blurred. Is there any way to correct the blur and sharpen the image to a better quality? The picture was taken in Scotland, so I can't reproduce it!

    Before I supply the actual photo, I thought you might have recommendations. I use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

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    You can try and Unsharp mask filter on the picture. 20%, 60, 4 are a decent starting point to try and unblur the picture.


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      That did not work well, unfortunately. I have attached the original.
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        I am not so sure yoou can really Deblur that picture.. that is pretty tough one.


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          Originally posted by SamOhio
          That did not work well, unfortunately. I have attached the original.
          You aren't probably going to ever get this one "unfuzzy" but try shrinking the size down and then play with unsharp mask.

          Shrinking it down can help make the pixels look tighter.

          If it works, maybe scan it in oversized and then shrink it down again.

          - Noel


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            UNfortunately sharpening images is one of the hardest things to do and near impossible if the image is that blurry. NOrmally my company would redraw the eyes and lips and teeth to help, but thats only if its slightly out of focus.

            Just proof that Photoshop cannot raise the dead. No offense


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              Just for general interest - not that this looks any more like a picture taken in focus ...

              Used a program called focusmagic in combination with photoshop

              First photo - Photoshop high pass sharpening
              Second photo - Focusmagic then Photoshop Highpass sharpening
              Third photo - Focusmagic alone

              Like all things there are variations on possible settings, I didn't keep track but just ran these for general interest and because I was curious the different looks that I could get using these methods ...

              They didn't get sharp - but they get to a point where it looks like we took a sharp photo and ran an art filter on it on purpose for that intentional artist look ...

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