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taking color photo and making parts greyscale?

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  • taking color photo and making parts greyscale?

    If you have a photo of a flower and want to make everything but the flower greyscale, how would one accomplish this? Can someone please help me? I would appreciate it. Thank you so much...........

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    In outline... open colour image. Add an adjustment layer (either Hue/Saturation with Saturation pulled down to -100, or Channel Mixer with the Monochrome box checked and the total of the Red/Green/Blue boxes adding up to 100 (suggestion: Red 40, Green 40, Blue 20)). Then make sure you have the mask for the adjustment layer activated (on the Layers palette you'll see thumbnails for both the layer itself and the mask (white rectangle) - click on the mask to activate it), and using black paint on the areas where you want the colour to show - if you get it wrong then paint in white on the mask to make the greyscale show again.
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      I knew it................

      Thank you for your speey reply. I do appreciate it. I have been forgetting things alot lately. I think it is early onset alzheimers. I knew someone from this forum would know. Thanks again Leah - I appreciate it...............


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        I avoid masking at all costs. It takes too much time!

        I would turn the image to greyscale using channel mixer with monochrome marked. I would then history erase back the color of the flower at whatever percentage you want. Quite simple.


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          CCC - I'm interested (genuinely) in why you avoid masking but use history eraser. Is there any practical difference between painting with a brush on a mask and painting with the history eraser? Why does painting on a mask take more time?


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            I'm curious too.

            Your method:
            Channel Mixer to mono
            Add transparent layer
            Apply history brush,
            Mess up, eraser tool

            Channel Mixer adjustment layer (same settings)
            Paint on mask to reveal color
            Mess up, switch paint color from black to white
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