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Hello Everyone...I'm new and need help...

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  • Hello Everyone...I'm new and need help...

    Hi to all, I have been on the sideline and finally decided to post my first thread and what perfect timing. I have a a couple, actually more than a couple, of shots that are completely underexposed, have a shadow and need some adjusting. I'm very new to PS7, and need some assistance with it.
    There's one catch, the image is a nude lady and not only do I feel uncomfortable posting it but I don't want it to end up in the wrong hands, you never know with people now a days.

    Any ideas on how I can make my images better???

    Thank you so much.

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    Is there a way you send a portion of the picture. If you can, make sure you increase the resolution before sending.



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      See attachment...Thanks!

      I cropped the image. The background was white.
      As I said before, I have PS7 but not very familiar with it. Any help if very much appreciated. Also any recommendation on PS books or classes I need to take.
      Thank you!


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        Sorry, trying again

        Thanks A Million!
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          Good news These aren't too bad to deal with.

          In this case, it is all about the levels. If you go to Image, adjustments, levels you will see a window with three little triangles on it.

          From there you can adjust the levels of the lighting.

          As for training, I would highly recommend Total Training's Photoshop 7 courses by Deke M. You will learn an incredible amount in a fairly short time.

          - Noel
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            As a starting point, duplicate the background (your picture). At the bottom of the layers palette is a circle icon with white half and black half. Click on this and it will open up a menu. Click on Levels adjustment. A Histogram will appear. Drag the right white arrow to the left. You should see dramatic lighting of your image.



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              Hi Gracia,

              in addition to the excellent tips you got from Noel and Duv, here are a couple of other things I did with your picture:
              • Applied a Contrast Mask (don't panic .... I'll explain ) before the Levels Adjustment Layer, to brighten up the image even more.

              Contrast Mask: (which can be used for sharpening as well)
              • Duplicate the Background Layer.
              • Ctrl+Shift+U to desaturate the newly created Layer.
              • Change the Layer Blending to Overlay (or Soft Light).

              After applying the Levels, to boost colour and consistency,
              • I Merged Visible (To merge visible without losing any correction Layer, create a new empty Layer on top of all the others and, keeping the 'Alt' key pressed, click on 'Merge Visible' in the Layer Palette).
              • Duplicated the merged Layer (Blending = Soft Light).
              • Strongly Blurred the duplicate merged Layer. (If the colours are too strong, you can always 'desaturate' the Blurred Layer until you are satisfied.

              Another book I recommend is Katrin Eismann's "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching" .... (my Photoshop Bible ) .... You might be interested in the second Edition as it concentrates on PS7.
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                Thank you all so much... one other ???

                I'm @ work right now and as soon as I step a foot in my house I will immediately try all of your ideas. I will also look into the course by Deke and the books that you guys suggested...actually I buying one at lunch time.

                Is there any way I can change the background to completely white?
                That's the original color, or maybe some other color without making it to obvious?

                Also, if you notice closely to the right of the model you will see her shadow, damn lights were set-up wrong. How can I remove the shadows?
                I'm more of a nature light person, trying to get a good grasp in studio lighting.

                Once again, thank you!


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                  Hi Gracia,

                  There are many ways to do all this, but what I did here is the following:

                  Changing the background to plain white is very easy:
                  • Open a Hue&Saturation Adjustment Layer.
                  • Click on the small arrow close to 'Master' and choose Cyan (this is the slight cast in your background).
                  • With the Color Picker, click anywhere in your background.
                  • Move your Saturation Slider to the left.
                  • Move your Lightness slider to the right.

                  To completely remove the shadows (also the one between her left arm and back) :
                  • Select and Crtl+C (Copy) a similarly shaped, but bigger, part of the background.
                  • Ctrl+V Paste it on its own Layer.
                  • 'V' Move it around until it covers the shadow area.
                  • Decrease the Opacity so you can see through it.
                  • Carefully erase round the contours of the model.
                  • Increase the Opacity to 100%.

                  For changing the BG colour I used the technique described here...The kind and colour of BG I used here, are not what I'd normally go for .... I rather go for gradients ... I just wanted to show you that it can be done and the result looks very natural ....

                  Should you still have doubts, just yell ....

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                    Moved to Help Requested forum
                    Learn by teaching
                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Other questions...

                      Well, let me provide you guys with a status on what I did yday evening. I learned how to use the levels by moving the tiny
                      triangles. Sure made a difference in the lighting. Now how do you know went to stop???...I guess is all in the eye.

                      I also learned on how to duplicate my background (the picture, which makes a copy of the original, right?), but don't know
                      why I had to do that. Duv, you mentioned I should start with the duplication and then play with the levels, why the
                      duplication of the image?

                      Flora, I kind of grasped the technique for contrast mask, but not entirely. I followed your first 3 bullet points, took me
                      a while to find the Layer Blending to Overlay (or Soft Light)...(I wasn't kidding when I said I was an idiot with PS), and then
                      I applied the Levels to the new layer. So far so good...then it went downhill. I couldn't get the last 3 bullet points.

                      I also tried the changing of the background and couldn't find the "Master"...see 2nd bullet point below "open hue&saturation"
                      adjustment layer. So I could'nt continue.

                      Boy did I learn so much with you guys. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

                      I also stopped by Border's book store to pick up a book, but they didn't have the Katrin E's book so I ordered it from
                      Amazon, I also ordered the Scott K. book.
                      Just need to save a couple of more $$$ and will order the videos that Noelf suggested. I'm very serious in learning PS, so
                      anything you guys suggest I take it serious.

                      BTW...I took 15 shots of the lady in nude and all turned out underexposed (one of the strobes must have not kicked in, hate
                      the damn sync cord) is there anyway I can modify all ten in one shot or is that not recommended?

                      Also, what is the best way to use USM? Say if I want to sharpen the entire image and/or just the eyes (or certain portion
                      of the image).

                      You all have been very helpful and believe me when I say that I am very grateful for that.



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                        Hi Gracia

                        I'm glad you ordered Katrin's book. You'll learn a tremendous amount. As to duplicating the background, Katrin says "Background layer: This is your original data and should be treated as carefully as your original prints or film. Never, ever retouch directly on the Background layer." As you get into the books, you'll learn an awful lot more about sensible retouching workflow.



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                          Help I am new toooo!

                          Does any one know how to put a border around a photo or art wpork or anything (canvas) in Photoshop???

                          Originally posted by Duv
                          Hi Graciaundefined

                          I'm glad you ordered Katrin's book. You'll learn a tremendous amount. As to duplicating the background, Katrin says "Background layer: This is your original data and should be treated as carefully as your original prints or film. Never, ever retouch directly on the Background layer." As you get into the books, you'll learn an awful lot more about sensible retouching workflow.



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                            Hi Beth...hope this helps

                            I don't know much about anything in PS but this was passed over to me by a member.

                            In Photoshop: For FRAMING

                            After finalizing the image and Resize (not obligated though)
                            Go on the tool bar on the left side and make sure you got one black color and one white color (you can actually experiment with other colors as well)
                            Using the black color, go to the menu image/canvas size and select pixel add 5 to 8 pixel wide and height. Switch color to white and do the same process with 50 more pixels wide and height then, select the magic wand tool and select the white portion (in the frame only)
                            Go to filters, select blur/gaussian blur (to desired effect usually 10%) and apply it. Apply it again to have more effect. Unselect the white portion and voila ...

                            Hopefully someone else might provide a better way.


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                              Hi Gracia, Beth,


                              I'm sure there are many more, but researching for 'Frame' here at RP lead me here where I found a couple of links .... Worth a look .....


                              While waiting for your books on Photoshop, you can visit this site ... All the 'Photoshop basics' and much much more are very clearly explained ..... I spent a lot of time there at the beginning when even the word 'Layer' confused me .....


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