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Would like to see some new ideas on this one

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  • Would like to see some new ideas on this one

    I've been playing with this image for a while, and can't seem to quite reach where I want with it.

    So I thought I would throw it up here, and see what folks might be able to do with it

    The biggest problem is the fact that there is about 3 levels of fading on the picture, which is frankly driving me a bit nuts.

    - Noel
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    Hi Noel,

    I agree with you ...this is the kind of pictures where, no matter what you do, you're never completely satisfied with the result....

    Originally posted by Noelf
    The biggest problem is the fact that there is about 3 levels of fading on the picture, which is frankly driving me a bit nuts.

    - Noel
    .... and sharpness... and grain ..... beside the fading .....

    I concentrated on the fading only .... which I tried to correct using Curves Adjustment Layers (I didn't touch the diagram at all, just clicked OK in the open Curves Dialog and set the Blending to Multiply).

    I'm attaching a snapshot of my layers Palette so you can see in which order and with what values I used them ....

    I used a Black to Transparent Gradient on the Curves Masks to hide the parts which would, otherwise, become too dark.

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      Here is what I made in 20 minutes. I still see many things to change and tidy up but I have to go now. Tell me what do you think and if you want me to continue retouching.
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        It is nice to know this one seems hard to others too

        I would like to know what steps you took there Suchyy, you seem to be moving along on it fairly nicely.

        - Noel


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          That is a final version. I've corrected a few things. Still there are some lighter and darker places but I am too impatient to correct it

          That I did ?
          1. Desaturated
          2. Selected boys trousers and adjusted levels/curves. Did the same with his shoes, her trousers, her socks (?) and shoes.
          3. Worked a lot with stamp, healing brush, patch tool, burn, dodge and selections.
          4. Sharpened a little with "High Pass"
          5. Again worked with stamp, healing brush...

          That is all.


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            hmm I forgot about picture

            hmm there is something wrong with my attachments...

            Największa polska sieć blogów profesjonalnych NT


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              Thanks for that info, gives me some ideas on how to work this one

              - Noel


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                You might be right - those might be pants ...

                I played and played looking for a cool fix for this one - didn't find anything but good old sweat and tears - I got a little sloppy in spots but you will get the idea. This is all curves adjustements with masks, the cloning and healing ...

                I think I might have gotten a little carried away on the contrast ...
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                  No, she is wearing stockings. Check the crack in the pavement in front of her leg and the "noise curve" at the back of her leg.

                  And yes, you might have gotten a little carried away...


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                    Hi everybody,

                    quoting myself "...this is the kind of pictures where, no matter what you do, you're never completely satisfied with the result...."

                    In my previous post I had tackled only the fading problem, thinking that that was what Noel asked .....

                    For what the girl is wearing .... well... I think it's a matter of interpretation .... somehow I thought it was pants as well .... but I'm far from sure ....

                    Great job, Roger .... The only thing I find a bit too 'contrasty' compared to the rest is the girl's coat ....


                    I really envy you if for managing to do all you described in 20 minutes only!
                    I surely must do something wrong because with pictures like this, it usually takes me much longer.....

                    Well, here is my result ... I left the bottom part of the scarf as is thinking it was some kind of fringe ....
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                      in 20 minutes I did the first version which I posted in my first post in this thread. Second version, which is corrected was more time-consuming and I think that it took me about ~40 minuts maybe more - I didn't look at the clock.

                      And description is of course for my second picture which couldn't be attached... i have no idea why.


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