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  • Photoshop Templates?

    I need help on how to create Photoshop Templates. This is an addy to an example of what I mean . If anyone can help on how I would create something like this I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Did you download the free demo? You may see how this was set up.
    Basically you'll need the following layers in this order:
    Text or embellishments that show over the photo and background.
    The photo with a layer mask attached (that let's the main area of the photo show through, but hides the areas of the photo you don't want to see so the background shows through).
    Background layer.
    Here's how your layers would look
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      Here's one example of the sort of thing you seem to be looking for and how you can set it up. I've not got fancy with images of balls, textures, etc., but I've marked on the layer stack where you might want to include them.

      Basically you'd set up one master template like this and save it. Then (if you're adding sport-specific graphics) produce versions for each sport you want to offer (that could take a few minutes or an hour or so each, depending on how fancy you're getting). Then for each school you'd fix the text (apart from the individual's name) and the appropriate colors (that will take maybe five minutes tops). Then for each individual you'd just drag in their photo and change the name text (takes maybe a minute each person).
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        SOme templates that spice up things

        See these templates that can help spice up things in this Link



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