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  • About the emboss filter.

    Hi everyone,first time posting here in RP. I have a question about PS emboss filter. here's the thing, How can I emboss a pic/layer without losing all the color? I duplicate the layer,emboss the copy and set it to multiply,it does the work but then the image stays way too dark. Someone could help this newbie to PS

    Obrigado = Thank You

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    I'm not entirely clear on the effect you're trying to achieve, but do either of these threads help?

    looking for color emboss (unfortunately the original poster has deleted the original question there, but I think it was about adding a sense of depth/texture to photoart)

    More control for emboss?


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      I think I might have the answer for you.

      Photoshops regular emboss turns you photo into something that looks like Han Solo frozen in Carbonite.

      There is a very good emboss feature in the Buzz Pro plugin - I've seen it used in the Ireland creative interpretation with some beautiful results.

      Here is the link to get the demo.

      Good Luck,


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        Blending Modes

        Try setting your emboss layer's mode to Overlay.

        A brief technical description of the two blend modes from Photoshop Guru

        Looks at the colour information in each channel and multiplies the base colour by the blend colour. The result colour is always a darker colour. Multiplying any colour with black produces black. Multiplying any colour with white leaves the colour unchanged. When you’re painting with a colour other than black or white, successive strokes with a painting tool produce progressively darker colours. The effect is similar to drawing on the image with multiple magic markers.
        Multiplies or screens the colours, depending on the base colour. Patterns or colours overlay the existing pixels while preserving the highlights and shadows of the base colour. The base colour is not replaced but is mixed with the blend colour to reflect the lightness or darkness of the original colour.

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          some time i can be really stupid! I changed the blend from multiply to overlay and VOILÁ the exact effect that i wanted. Thanks Leah,Brandonx49 and T Paul


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