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    Unable to upload a file, getting an error message. It also shows me i have 2 attachmentss in progress, trying to delete these, but unable to. What am i doing wrong. File size is only 73.4 KB JPG

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    adding images to a discussion thread

    Click Post Reply to reply to a thread and if you scroll down to the bottom of the thread and you will see a section that says Attach files with a button that says Manage Attachments. Click this button and then click browse. Locate the file you want to add, select it, then click UPLOAD. If there are files in the upload window that you don't want, click REMOVE. Note there are size and file type limitations. If you file is an invalid type or too large it will not upload. Once the file is finished uploading, close the window. Now if your message is complete all you have to do is select SUBMIT REPLY.

    Also note if you are submitting multiple images in a single reply that their TOTAL file size goes against the file limit.


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