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  • Ms Bay

    Thanks guys and ladies! I knew I loved this site!! I used each of your suggestions, and not that I'm lazy . . . well, most of the time . . . but I went with the easiest one by super imposing the original hair over the restored picture. It was more practical for me since the person I did this photo for liked the way she looked. I just wanted her to be a little sharper so the picture would look more lifelike. This was one of those "back in the day" pictures. This sweet young lady is now in her sixties. There were some pretty interesting restorations you folks came up with also, thanks for those as well.

    Winwintoo hit my problem right in the top of the noggin. That is exactly what I was going through. I haven't had a chance to go to the site used yet or to try Mig's suggestion, but I'm sure I will.

    T, the tutorials were the greatest! I think I will be getting the book by Paul Wilkinson on drawing, because a lot of that needs to be done from time to time.

    Thanks again guys!!

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  • Gary Richardson
    Thanks! Just being nosey.

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  • Flora
    Thanks Gary!

    Originally posted by Gary Richardson
    ...why did you change her blouse from pink to yellow ?..
    .... No particular reason ..... I thought it suited her better .... but looking at it again .... I shouldn't have .....

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  • Gary Richardson
    Beautiful job Flora as always. Just one question, why did you change her blouse from pink to yellow ?

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  • Flora
    Hi Ms Bay,

    To bring out the details in your picture I did the following:
    • I duplicated the background Layer and desaturated it (Ctrl+Shift+U).

    • Used the Curves (Method1) as described in my tutorial.

    • Created a Level Adjustment Layer to further increase contrast.

    • To bring out even more deatils, I used (Method2) of the same tutorial duplicating the Luminosity Layer as many times as necessary (Blending = Multiply and Overlay).

    • Used the curves, (Method1), once again.

    • Merged visible.

    Used the Median Filter + Add Noise + Layer Mask to minimize grain and compression 'blocks'.

    I colorized the image and slightly increased contast and sharpness (USM).

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  • Gary Richardson
    Hi, had a quick play with your image. To get the hair detail, as Roger says the easiest way is to copy the hair detail from your original image, and superimpose it on your touched up version. I did the whole person and superimposed, as I felt you had lost some of the facial detail also.
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  • roger_ele
    Ms Bay,

    Hi, here is the hair detail that is in your original - I would use that for your hair. This is how I got there ...

    -control-alt-tilde(~) to select light areas
    -control-J to move selection to its own layer
    -changed blending mode on new layer to multiply to darken highlights
    -with new multiply layer active control-J to duplicate
    -continue control-J (duplicating multply layer) until it is the darkness you want

    Hope this helps,
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  • Ms Bay
    started a topic Help with Hair

    Help with Hair

    Does anyone know how I can "fix" this hairline? As you can see the bangs look more like they are stuck on instead of blending in with the face. The photo was seriously sun damaged and when I tried to repair it, it turned out looking more like a portrait than a picture. Any suggestions on how I can give it a more natural look? Thanx in advance!

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