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How do they do this?

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  • How do they do this?

    Take a look at the Gallery on this website:

    What techniques are they using to get the bright colors and bright whites? Tutorial out there anywhere to accomplish the same effect? Any help is appreciated!

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    If this is the effect you are after this is done just using levels adjustment layers.

    Duplicated background layer.
    levels adjustment layer increase highlights darken shadows.
    merge to a new layer
    another levels adjustment on this layer only.
    change layer mode to soft light.

    Try it and have fun.

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      As they are shooting in studio conditions to the Venture house style, they will be setting up their lighting with a view to the kind of final image they want -- so a lot of light on the background to bleach it out to white, and probably over-exposing the shot slightly. Actually, if you watch their video of the Venture experience, you'll see their studio setup. Shooting the shot properly in the first place is the #1 thing that contributes to the final look, and if you've done that then there's realy only a little bit of tweaking of levels and saturation required afterwards.

      If you want to achieve a similar look on a photo not taken under those conditions, I would start by replacing the background with pure white. Then apply a levels adjustment layer to increase the contrast and whiten the whites in the actual image. Then hue/saturation adjustment layer(s) increase the saturation of colours in the image. Depending on the lighting conditions under which the photo was taken, you may also want to slightly desaturate skintones.
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