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herring bones and distortions

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  • herring bones and distortions

    I was attempting to take out the herring bones in this photo and
    clean it up for a friend.I used neat image and then applied a
    small amount of gaussian blur to it.I then changed the image
    resolution from a 200 to a 120 because it seemed out of focus.
    I then applied a sepia using color in hue and saturation.
    The picture is distorted.Any tips on how to clean this photo up
    would be appreciated.

    Thank You,

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    What I tried:

    Neat Image

    Adjust Levels each channel individually

    Channel Mixer (monochrome) 50% red 50% green (the blue channel was a bit shot)

    A small amount of gaussian blur just in the bottom right-hand corner -- this area is still far from perfect but I think will attract less attention when printed than it would if over-blurred.

    Patch tool to remove damage.

    Convert to grayscale (Image -> Mode -> Grayscale).

    Duplicate layer, run High Pass filter on duplicate and set its blending mode to either Overlay or Hard Light (I can't remember which one I used here).

    Use a tritone for sepia toning: Image -> Mode -> Duotone -> Load -> TRITONE -> Process Tritones -> choose one of the BMY sepia tritones to taste.
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      Thank You Leah

      I will attempt to try these steps in the other photo she gave me too.
      I am familiar with some of the steps you mention but I will have to
      see about the tritone.I'm not acqainted with that procedure.

      Much appreciated.



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        I have to admit I don't entirely understand how duotones/tritones/quadtones work myself (I get the general idea, but am very hazy on the details). Fortunately Photoshop comes with so many duotone/tritone/quadtone presets (and there are many more available on the web) that you can get good results without knowing exactly why...