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  • GGGrandparents

    Hi everyone:
    Well It´s official, I am a failure . After spending half a day trying several techniques learned in the forums, nothing satisfied me with this picture. Maybe it's because this restoration is for myself and it is the only picture the family has of my great, great, great grand parents, and I want things to be as perfect as possible. It is terribly unevenly faded, not too torned and cracked, and someone tried to "bring out" some detail with a regular pen (blue by the way) and It also has some strange spots that I suspect some "cucaracha" left while visiting the box where it was stored (sorry about the graphic nature of my suspicion ). Any way....please HELP, I really don't know where to begin... if I should first work with brightness and contrast, and the faded parts, and then clone, heal, etc. or do it the other way around. Should I do it using channels and/or layer masks, etc. (see what I mean; -danger, danger, data overload). Please don't just help me, teach me and please, be as thorough in your explanations as possible, I am a slow learner but a tenacious one .

    My family and I thank you

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    Don't know what's going on, the attchement was not showing, but here it is...
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      Mosha -- As a general rule, always work with brightness/contrast/fading first and then move on to cloning and healing. You may find Flora's never-sufficiently-to-be-praised tutorial on Enhancing Details In Unevenly Faded Pictures particularly useful in tackling this picture. I have to visit relations today but will try to have a more detailed look at it later -- although I notice that sadly the ink dmage doesn't appear to be confined to the blue channel, as I had hoped it might be (which would have made the job easier).


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        Hi Mosha, Leah,


        ...I had a go at your picture ... didn't stop much on the background but I think I managed to remove all the cucarachas' " souvenirs " from your GGGrandparents .... well ... most of them ...

        I attach the B&A ... and a snapshot of all the 'properly named' Layers I used for this restoration ....

        From the number of Layers, you can clearly see that it wasn't an easy or straight forward restoration ... at least for me .... so I absolutely disagree with you when you say:
        Originally posted by Mosha
        Well It´s official, I am a failure...
        The first Curves Adjustment Layer is a slightly 'tweaked' version of the one in my tutorial (just follow the link in Leah's post) ....

        Just yell if you have any questions .....


        ....Thanks!! ....

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          Flora... does "stamped" mean you "merged visible"? And if so, why is there a stamped and "stamped copy" at the top of the layers in the second file?

          "thank you"



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            Hi Cedwar,

            The answer to your first question is yes .... I'll have to change the name from 'Stamped' to 'Merged' in my action ....

            A stamped copy is a duplication of a stamped layer on wich I may run USM or Neat image etc. ... and decrease its Opacity if I'm not entirely satisfied with the outcome ....


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              You always make me smile

              Dear Leah and Flora:

              Went to bed last night at 3:00 a.m. completely frustrated. And now I just got up at 10:00 a.m. on this cool sunday and as usual you have managed to make me feel better already. Thanks for helping me and telling me it is not a quite so easy restoration. .

              I thought of using Floras technique on Enhancing Details In Unevenly Faded Pictures, but didn´t know if I should do it before or after removing all the "cucarachas souvenirs" (oh my, this cucarachas are becoming quite famous, don´t you hate them, and by the way, the picture was given to me that way, it didn't happen at my house ). Also I was trying Floras and Rogers techniques used in "Help with old passport picture" thread with which I think are very usefull specially since I found out it brough out a lot of detail, mainly in the faces.

              Any way, as soon as I get my first cup of coffe, I'll start following your teachings again...See you later my dear Masters.



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                Hi again

                Hello dear friends:

                I am back, sorry about the absency, but the Dr. put me in bed rest for about a month and I couldn't get to the computer....boy, do I need a lap top.

                Thought of placing this last attempt on recovering my GGGrandparents in the critiques forum, but since I think we are supposed to stick to the one we started, here it goes.

                I spent an overall of about 24 hrs in this picture. To get inspired, I didn´t quite followed all my wonderful Mentor's instructions and started restoring everything there was to restore by cloning and healing, including the cucarachas souvenirs (thanks dear Flora) but I did it in only one channel, the blue one, since this one seemed to have the more detail. When I finished, I got rid of the other channels, changed the picture again to RGB, used levels mask layer to correct some of the light, brightness and contrast and a layer mask with Neat Image to soften some detail. I deliveratelly decided to leave some noise in the idea that by doing so, the picture would retain it's old picture flavour ( if you think I shouldn't have please tell me so ). Hope you can see the lace detail in the veil around her neck and the spectacles hanging in her broach, and in his hand.

                Please tell me what you think on how I did and how it looks, and if there is a way to improve it further more. Remember this is a picture for myself and for my family generations to come, so I wouldn't mind working extra hours . And also if this picture belonged to you, would you be satisfied with the result....?

                Thanks again, and beleive me I've missed you all.

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                  Nice work Mosha! Very well done.


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                    Hi Mosha!!!

                    ...So glad to see you back!!!

                    I do hope everything is fine with you!!!!

                    As for your restoration, I think it's simply perfect!!!! Very, very well done! ... And yes, I can see the spectacles and the veins on his hands!

                    Take care.


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                      Only a little minor worbling in the dark folds - and I am being very picky! Awsome job! My first reaction when I saw this was that the light background area was a liitle contrasty (but I am viewing this on my laptop - can I really tell?), try a curves layer masked to affect just the background and raise the brightness and lower the contrast a little.

                      Those are my only suggestions - and it could be perfect the way it is.



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