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  • Work your magic on Sly

    It was 3 a.m. and Sylvester was hard at work as usual, but it was raining and he was outside the patio door, hence the rain spots on the image - can you clean it up?

    A bit of background. Sly is about 15 years old and about 3 years ago he developed glaucoma in both eyes - several vets recommended the only humane thing to do was to put him out of his considerable misery, but my sister persisted and found a vet who removed his eyes. As you can see, there is nothing wrong with the rest of Sly's senses as he regularly brings home these "presents" at all hours of the day and night
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    Hi Margaret,

    Great catch!!!

    This picture is a sure proof that Sly is still 'fully functional' in spite of losing both eyes .... and that he still enjoys his life to the fullest!!!

    ...Sorry I couldn't do any better for his picture .....
    • I duplicated the Background Layer.
    • Used the 'Set Grey Point' of the Curves dialog box on a rain drop on the right side of the picture to correct the colour.
    • I used the curves, again, to balance mid-tones, shadows and highlights.
    • Merged Visible.
    • I created a new empty Layer (blending>Darken) and, picking the colour from surrounding areas, I further corrected some of the lighter spots.
    • I used Selective Colors to furhetr correct the colours.
    • Finally, I used USM to enhance the contrast a bit and to sharpen the image.

    Hope this helps...

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      Thank you Flora - that is a wonderful improvement!!

      Yes Sly is fully functional - that same night, he also caught a mouse *inside* the house!!

      Take care, Margaret


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        Thanks for your feedback, Margaret!!

        .... I do hope Sly will keep on bringing home his 'presents' for a long time still ....


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          Flora, is there anything like 'curves' in Corel to correct colour?? I understand if you don't know it's just I think I've been doing it the wrong way.


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            Hi imrtun,

   sorry for not gettign back to you earlier, but somehow, I don't always get e-mail notification for new posts in a thread I've subscribed to ....

            I've never used Corel so I really wouldn't know if it offers the 'Curves' or some tool with similar effects... Sorry...