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move white color to transparent color

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  • move white color to transparent color


    I'm copying pictures/images from PowerPoint to Photshop and I have trouble to make the white color to disappear. I would like the white color to become transparent color. how can I do it?


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    You might want to check this freeware filter out.

    Eliminate White filter ver. 1.0w  (international version)
    The Eliminate White filter is a simple Photoshop plug-in filter that
    generates transparency in a layer based on the "whiteness" of each 
    pixel color. This is useful when you want to "peel" an image off the 
    white background and put it on an independent layer. It's also useful 
    for creating interesting effects. Please read the How-To section 
    below for more information.
    The filter was created using the Filter Factory, a scriptable plug-in 
    found on the Adobe Photoshop 3.0x /4.0x Deluxe CD-ROM. While the 
    Eliminate White filter itself is freeware, the copyright of the 
    Filter Factory portion is owned by Adobe Systems Incorporated. You 
    can distribute this filter freely as long as the original archive 
    file is unaltered. For distribution on CD-ROMs such as freeware 
    collection, uploading to BBSs or to ftp/www sites on the Intenet,
    you must get prior permission from the author.
    For more and updated information on this filter is avilable at
    If you have any comments or suggestions, please send an e-mail to 
    the author.
    Etsuro Endo
    mailto:[email protected]


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      move white color to transparent color


      Thanks a lot for the quick response.

      I have tried the filter you recommend (it is exactly what I have been looked for) but with no success.

      The filter was designed for Win 95 with PhotoShop 3. I have tried to run it but my PS said it missing some DLL and I could not found the new filer under the filter menu (I have WinXP with PS CS)

      I have also tried to find an updated filter in with no much of success

      Is there any other place I can find this filer?




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        I'm not sure what the problem is, but it works for me, running XP pro and Photoshop CS. I'm sure it has to be a layer, try this. Make a layer out of the picture you want to knock out the white, put another layer under it and fill with a bright color. Run the filter on the top layer and you should get some kind of result. The bright bottom layer will show partly through.


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          move white color to transparent color

          I have solved the problem by installation Msvcrt10.dll on my system folder.

          I have run the filter and it work magically.

          Thanks a lot



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