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  • Painter XI Help !!

    OK, so my new Wacom has arrived and OMG !! Some of the art you folks create makes me think it witchcraft.

    Are there any tips for good use of the graphics tablet ?

    I have purchsed Painter XI and its the first time i have ever seen, let alone used it, and its just so full of features, i dont know where to start.

    I really want to be able create a painted look and feel (perhaps water colour) with some of the Chalenges we have here and was wondering if there are some settings that i could jump right in and try to save me endless hours of web browsing, but any hints, tips or links would be grateful.

    ( My goodness, i just can seem to control this thing !!! )

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    I would highly recommend Jeremy Suttons Painter IX Creativity due to be released in a couple weeks. See Amazon.

    I've got the Painter 8.0 edition and IMO it is the best overall book on learning Painter that I've seen. It has numerous hands on and detailed exercises (ranging from beginner to fairly advanced) that address most of the useful Painter functions. I found the intro chapters on things like navigating the GUI, palettes and their settings, tablet setup/settings, creating custom palettes, to be very useful.

    Among the techniques described are converting photos to very convincing "digital paintings."

    The accompanying CD has tons of useful goodies like custom brushes.

    This guy knows his stuff.



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      Thank Danny

      I guess i will go ahead and reserve myself a copy. Sounds like the sort of resource book i need, although i have just subscribed to lynda's website and that has an awesome online video Painter IX course, but some in print is always welcome.

      Once again thanks