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Are their faces red!

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  • Are their faces red!

    The red umbrella signifies good luck and is traditional in Chinese weddings, but it sure does a number on their faces. Can one of you wizards help me fix it?
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    By no means a wizard...

    But hate to see them with red faces on such a wonderful day...

    I need some help here the hand in the middle of the picture i just could not get right as the picture is so small and the pixels i found was too stretched...But even so inbetween psp and photoshop i got this...

    I really needed a larger picture this was too tiny for me...

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      Don't know your level of ps skill, so here is a 'quickie'.
      Use adjustment layers, bottom of layers palette.
      On the hue/sat. layer I painted the umbrella back in with a black brush.
      This method got most of the red.

      Any questions, just ask.
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        By masking the strong red and then using the RED channel slider and dropping it down a bit helped reduced the red cast.

        Kiska - Yoiu method would work well, but it does tend to take the reds out of the background colours also, so if you made a new layer with the original picture and then erased around the subjects red faces you would bring back some of the contrasting reds from the sidewalk, walls and skin that is not affected by the red cast.

        Just an observation
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          Axle, you're right, but It was a quickie, and I was concentrating on the bride and groom. Thanks


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            I selected a large rectangle around the bride and groom and used the channel mixer, hue/saturation, and curves to match it to the groom's right hand and the bride's left shoulder. Then I selected that as a history state and backed up to the beginning. Then it was just a little painting with the history brush to fix the faces and some work with the sponge tool set to desaturate at 50% to take the red cast off the hair, tux, and wedding gown. A little dodging and burning to even up the tones and we're done.

            In the future, I would use a fill flash on these types of images (actually in bright sunlight in general.) Set your flash so it is firing one to two stops below what your arpature is set at. Shooting at f16 set your flash to think you are shooting at f8. Doing so, my flashes give shorter bursts, I think most flashes do, but I'm not sure. The light from the flash will drastically soften the shadows, filling in things light the eye sockets, and in this case the area under the umbrella. You would still have a little color cast, but it would be much easier to deal with.

            Take Care,

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              Hi Jgreen, had a very quick play with your image. Corrected colour using levels on individual channels. Further corrected using pavement as a grey point and using colour balance. Finally to take out red caused by umbrella, created new layer set to colour blend, and painted in good skin colour sampled from hand of man and shoulder of woman. Adjusted opacity of layer for effect.
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                I need some help here the hand in the middle of the picture
                BTW Legacy, I think the red around the groom's hand is a red ribbon. Not sure.


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                  Gary that looks perfect well done!

                  Kista oh! i never realised that was a bow...that makes alot of sense now thank you!


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                    A long way short of that Legacy, but thank you for the kind comments.


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                      Thanks, everyone who took the time to work with this. Gary, I really like what you did. I'm going to try to duplicate it. Wish me luck!


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                        Best of luck. If you have any problems, and I can help, just drop me a PM.


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