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  • Animation of photos

    Hi all,

    I got a body scan with over 300 photos of my body. (Inside my body). How do I animate them like a gif so I can see the photos scroll all in a row. I have Photoshop 7.0.1

    Thanks for any help

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    Hi Mailmandolin,

    Welcome to RP!

    Animation.... as in slide show? (where the slides/pictures change automatically every couple of seconds .... ) or was something else you had in mind?


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      Do you mean as a animation or a slideshow?

      I can tell you to do an animation like a cartoon graphic i have in past added photos and done a gif like film but if you have 300 pictures that would be one heavy gif...too large for a gif i would imagine...

      Anyway if its a gif animation you want your need Jasc Animation Shop 3 you can get the trial of it on the Jasc/Corel site...

      If its for a slideshow your need the html script for that.



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        might not be that difficult

        the hard part might be naming the photos so that they appear in the correct order but otherwise than that just open "'image ready" which should be part of PhotoShop then.... file/import folder as frames will set you right up.

        it's possible the photos are already named in order.. also make sure the folder with the photos contains nothing else.

        I've never tried any animations with 400 frames but I have made them with over 30 might work.

        you can arrange frames with image ready but not very well with 400 of them.
        good luck...


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          If you know somebody with a Mac computer you can probably get them to import the photos for you into iMovie and make a movie of them - then you could play the movie anywhere.

          It would still be a pretty hefty file, but movie files get posted on the web all the time with no problems so that might be your best bet.

          Take care, Margaret


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            Thanks for all the help. With you ideas I will try to do it. I will only use about 30 at a time so I can see parts of the body move like the heart etc.


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              Flash would be another option, I've seen a plugin somewhere that exports layers in PS to Flash. Might find it with a google search.


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                I know this doesn't solve your problem, but thought I'd brag a bit about the ingenuity of my grandson. He was about 5 at the time and he'd seen on tv where someone made a video using a digital camera so he "borrowed" my digital camera and set up his brothers Lego soccar stadium. He laboriously moved the players and the soccar ball one step at a time as he snapped a series of shots.

                Next, he hooked the camera up to a tv with a VCR connected and "recorded" the images to tape and then played them back.

                It will never make it to the Oscars, but considering he figured out how to do it all by himself, I'm pretty proud of his efforts.

                Take care, Margaret


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