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  • Good Tutorial Book for Photoshop 7

    Hi All
    Back again, I have been looking for a good Tutorial book for Photoshop 7
    I have seen a few in the local bookstores and on the internet, but recommendations from the pro's on this group would be great.
    I know most of the basics, but would like to find a book containing more complex tutorials ( with pictures of course ).
    Any Thoughts???
    PS: Hope to contribute something soon!!!!!!

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    Hi Romany,

    Have you been to Borders in Fforestfach ? I was there recently and they have a great selection Photoshop books. I have just purchased' Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques' by Barry Hughes and 'Photoshop CS Studio Techniques' by Ben Willmore. I also have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Photographers by Martin Evening and Photoshop 7 for dummies amoungst other titles.

    It depends on what area you want to focus on...An all round good book for Photography techniques is 'Adobe Photoshop 7.0 for Photographers' it has great tutorials as well as insight into various techniques, i would imagine it is more than suitable for your needs.

    I would also recommend 'Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques' as it has grea examples of the different uses of lighting as well as a well written section on all the lighting setting, i have found this book totally interesting.

    Dont forget the Retouching book by Katrin Eismann but they dont currently have it in Swansea, and as i dont own the book yet, i you may find this thread helpful.


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      Cheers Mate
      I will take a trip up to borders Later this week, i have about two hundred old photo's of my family, Most are sepia with cracks and tears, some are really blurred, some are faint colours taken in the 70's it seems they seem to have like a honeycomb effect on them( strange ), one or two have been torn in half, do you know of any Photo restoration books?
      Nice One!


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        I hear they dont come much better than this : Katrin Eismann


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          If you want retouching or restoration then Katrin Eismann's Photoshop Restoration and Retouching (2nd ed) is absolutely the way to go.

          If you're looking to improve your Photoshop skills in general then I'd recommend The Photoshop 7 Wow Book by Jack Davis (not the similarly titled One-click Wow book -- that's useful too but won't tech you much). A lot of it is discussion but if you work through its examples/projects then you are almost bound to learn a lot.


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            Another great book I use all the time is The Photoshop Book For Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby, publishers New Riders.



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              Just a note to remind anyone posting here of our Reviews section -- if there are any books you've found particularly useful (or not) then please do contribute a review (but remember to fill in all the fields before submitting or it will eat what you've just typed).


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                I have purchased a book last week. "How to Wow Photoshop for Photography", Jack Davis & Ben Willimore , PeachPit Press. I'm new in photoshop. This book is for intermediate to advanced. Even thought I am new I was able to follow along and do some of the techniques. I would recommend this book. They also have dvds available . Go to this site for a sample of the dvd they offer. The book is similar to the dvd (which i don't have but have view samples. would like to own them but just a little bit to expensive for me right now)



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