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Old Damaged Photo Suggestions?

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  • Old Damaged Photo Suggestions?

    Could anyone suggest the best method to attack this photo?
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    I cleaned the worst of the cracks with the clone brush, and the healing brush, then selected the best chanel, then used that for a final little clean up, next I ajusted the levels to boost the contrast. This is just a quick fix, if you take your time you should be able to do a lot better. Wayne
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      I turned it into B&W with channel mixer and then played a lot with healing brush, patch tool and clone stamp tool. It can be done much better on a better file, this one is too compressed to be restorated well.
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        Old Damaged Photo

        I copied the layer several times in overlay mode to increase the contrast and then applied levels. I also used the channel mixer and the green channel seemed to give the best contrast. Later I copied the layer x 2 one layer I used median blur with a lighten blend mode the other a median blur with a darken blend mode and combined the two (merge visible). It would take a long time to restore this photo properly.

        There appears to be relatively huge pixel blocks. It looked like to me that the image was scanned initially at a low resolution and then resampled in imaging software upword before posting it on the site.


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          Hi All
          Thank you for having a go at this, i scanned the original at 300dpi but i had to compress it for me to upload, i think the limit is 100kb for this site?


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