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Help me with my picture?

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  • Help me with my picture?

    Hey guys i am having problem with my picture.

    Help me how to fix this picture?

    the image is placed here

    The image

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    I get an error when I try to view the image.


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      Oh i

      I am sorry

      Here i made html file

      CLick Here


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        anyone please help?


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          Hi anarmgl,

          Welcome to RP!

          I've been having problems with my connection (again) ... I've downloaded your picture and will get back to you as soon as possible ....


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            anarmgl, I think people are slow to help because the image is BIG. It took 20 minutes to load the pic in the browser and the about another 30 to download. I have dialup. I took a screenshot of a portion of it and will get back to you. However, Fab Flo is on the case, not to worry.



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              Okay, I had a quick go at it.

              1. Duplicate Image
              2. Used Photoshop CS Shadow/Highlight filter to bring out the lost detail in the hands
              3. Masked this layer and only use the blown out areas (add layer mask, fill mask with black so underlying layer shows through. Then paint with white at different opacities to bring back the detail in the blown out areas of the hands)
              4. Flattened Image
              5. Used the lasso tool to select the various areas that were lighter. Placed on new layer and set mode to Multiply. Adjust opacity. Kept doing this until I got the tones even.
              6. Flatten layer. Use Healing brush to smooth out rough edges.
              7. Added a bit of noise. To even our the smooth areas.
              8. Levels Adjustment layer to tweak color
              9. Selective color to give one more boost to the colors. (Experimented with the settings in the white, black and neutral tones)
              10. Used a brush set to color, take the eye dropper and select the skin tone and paint in a bit more detail where the highlights got blown out
              11. Dodge Tool to darken eyes
              12. Just a tad of USM (Unsharp Mask to sharpen the details)
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                Wow Paul

                Hey guys thanks , RP is great helped me really fast happy to be member here

                And thank you T Paul it was amazing.


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                  You're most welcome! I'm sure others will give it a try and post their techniques. I believe the key to this one is working with small selections to fill in the areas that have no detail, bit by bit.


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                    .... thanks ....

                    T Paul,

                    Great job!!!

                    Originally posted by T Paul
                    ....I believe the key to this one is working with small selections to fill in the areas that have no detail, bit by bit....
                    That's exactly what I did ....


           is what I managed to do with your picture...It's very late where I live and I'm very tired, but if you are interested, I'll write a detailed explanation tomorrow....
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                      Simply amazing Flora! Beautiful results as always!!



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                        Man That is beautiful Flora, I am sure i would love to have how to make it like that, Wow your result is just amazing.
                        Make a little tutorial?


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                          thank you so much for your kindness!!!


                          thank you for your kind words!!

                          ...And here is what I did:

                          I work with PS CS, but for this restoration I didn't use any of the CS 'only' Tools.
                          As you can see from the Layers attachment, I use Layer masks a lot .... and I always adjust the Opacity of my corrections' Layers until I'm satisfied with the result.
                          I have attached a snapshot of all the layers I used for this restoration, so you can better follow the steps I took.
                          • Cropped the picture
                          • Duplicated background and run Levels on the duplicate to improve contrast lightly.
                          • Used the curves to tone down the blown out (white) parts. (used the Layer Mask to show/hide the corrections ... see Layers attachment)
                          • Merged visible (the action for merging 'visible' without losing the underlying 'steps' can be downloaded here.)
                          • Created a luminosity Mask, copied to its own Layer and set the Blending to Multiply. (the action for creating a Luminosity Maks can be downloaded here.)
                          • Duplicated the Luminosity Mask Layer and set its blending to Soft Light.
                          • Throghout the restoration, I created 'my' usual variety of empty Layers ( Blendings: Lighten, Darken, Multiply, Overlay, Soft Light and Normal), and with a soft white/black brush (Opacity 10-30%), I carefully painted over the details I wanted to correct and enhance. (this goes back to what T Paul said about "working with small selections to fill in the areas that have no detail, bit by bit...." )
                          • I used the Patch Tool to even out the dark lines marking original and corrections.
                          • I used the Levels to further improve Tone and Contrast.
                          • Merged visible and duplicated the Merged Layer.
                          • Run Neat Image (very soft settings) on the merged Duplicate to partially remove the noise.
                          • Created a Luminosity Mask and run USM on it to increase the contrast a bit.
                          • Created a Shadows Mask, copied to its own Layer and set its blending to Overlay. (the action for creating a Shadow Maks can be downloaded here.)
                          • Merged visible, duplicated the Merged Layer and added a Hide All Layer Mask (Black) to the duplicate.
                          • I strongly Blurred the underlying Merged Layer.
                          • Working on the Mask of the duplicate, with a soft white Brush, I painted over the parts of the picture I wanted to uncover ... (the girl)
                          • Used USM again for a final contrast boost.
                          • Finally, created a very soft vignette to darken edges and corners, to make the girl 'pop' out more. (the action for darkening Edges and Corners can be downloaded here).

                          Hope this helps...
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                            wow great tutorial

                            Thanks again

                            I will rewrite tonight at friends


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