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  • Help Me!!!!!

    Hello all,

    I have a photo that I'd like to put into my portfolio, but the dress has major wrinkles. I've tried to clone them out but that's not getting me anywhere. Can anyone look this pic over and point me in the right direction? I'm not worried about the breast area, it's the belly area that I'm struggling with.

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    Hi jayk2. Had a play with your image. Not sure just how much you want doing, but I've reduced the wrinkles as follows.

    Copied image to new layer.
    Applied Median Filter to new layer and applied hide all layer mask.
    Using soft white brush painted smoothness along wrinkles.

    Created new layer and cloned out some further areas using soft clone brush set to 20% and sampling from multiple sources.

    Flattened Image, then copied all to new layer. Applied Noise to this layer, then applied hide all mask. Using soft white brush painted in noise to smoothed out areas to restore texture. Finally adjusted layer opacity to fine tune.

    Still a lot of contours to the image which would be hard to get rid of without a great deal more time than I have available at the moment.
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      my try...

      Poly Lasso Tool around the creases
      Noise/Dust & Scratches
      Radius = 15
      Threshold = 8

      I am sure if you keep trying at the stuff above your get it even smoother.

      Hi I kind of do things sometimes alittle different, as being new to photoshop i only a few days ago learnt what a mask was, so this is the result i got.
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        I basically treated the wrinkles in her dress as I would treat wrinkles on a face.
        1. Duplicated the background layer
        2. On the background layer applied a Gaussian Blur, radius 15
        3. Took a snapshot
        4. Edit>Undo Gaussian Blur
        5. Selected the History brush
        6. Put the History brush in the little window by the snapshot
        7. Set brush blending mode to Darken. Selected soft brush and painted over the wrinkles with a 40-60 opacity brush
        8. Set the brush blending mode to Lighten and repeated the process
        9. Created an Empty Layer and chose the Healing brush and cleaned up
        residual wrinkles.

        Always bring a steam iron to your shoots with wardrobe.

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          In step 2, I should have said "On the duplicated background layer....



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            Thanks guys,


            That's now on my list of things to get


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