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    I've just cleaned up this snap but am left with the large black void of the childs pullover. There's slight detail round the neckline but little else on the original. I'm thinking leave it alone but would be interested for suggestions to add a little 'depth' or texture to the area.
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    There is texture there, but deciding if you want to bring it out is entirely optional. My quick and dirty version here has a lot of jpg artifacting, and it looks as though the border between the background and sweater has some partial erasure.

    This is just the red channel, level adjusted, midtone slider only. If I took it any further enormous squares appear (the jpg artifacts from being compressed).

    Regardless of whether you try to bring out the sweater or not, there's some gray spots on her neck you might want to address.
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      With lots of basic generic space there, I would consider the use of blurs and some desaturation followed by lightly painting back some color with the history brush. Hope you dont mind--I downloaded the photo, played around and attached the results. Tom


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        D & T thanks both I'll continue with a little more tweaking, Ok on the neck every time I look at it I find more bits sort out. The set it comes from had spent some time in a damp cellar or something similar the mounts fell to bits as I extracted the prints.