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Removing Reflections From Shades

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  • Removing Reflections From Shades

    I have a picture where the guy is wearing shades, and there is a glare on both sides. How can I remove the glare from shades? I'm using photoshop 6, and i'm new at this.
    Last edited by MSTARR; 11-27-2001, 03:06 PM.

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    Can you attach the file for the image?



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      Okay here is the picture that I was talking about and as you can see the young man has on shades, and I was wondering is there some way the reflections can be taken off the shades.

      Thank You


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        Removing Reflection from glasses/sunglasses

        I tried to attach a picture, but I guess the file was too big, can anyone tell me how to attach a picture, so I can get some help.

        Thank You


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          Go back to one of your earlier posts and click on EDIT - you don't have to add more posts while you're trying to add the attachment. I had trouble getting a file attached the first time also

          Look at the Image size of the file in Photoshop - make the dpi 72 and keep the image width less than 800 pixels. Make sure it's in jpg format. If it doesn't work, try it again on the SAME post. It'll work, eventually, it did for me.

          The Edit button is just below your post, second from the right.
          Edit is cool!


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            CJ & MSTARR,

            I don't think you can add a file to a previous post by editing it. I've tried and never found a way to do that. If you have a post with an attachment, you can change the attached file by editing the post. But if the post doesn't have an attachment to begin with, you can't add one without creating another post.

            Anyway, what CJ suggested to reduce your file size is right on the mark MSTARR. Let us know if it doesn't make any sense or if you're still having trouble.



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              Thanks for pointing that out about NOT being able to add a file attachment to a message that didn't have one to start with - I hadn't noticed that and have learned something new AGAIN.

              Edit can't change everything, but it is still Cool.

              C'mon, MSTARR, upload your REVISED file. I had to send a file to Doug three times before it worked, so sometimes it just takes some reworking.


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                Most common reasons attachments don't work:

                1. Too big. They have to be under 100k
                2. No suffix. Must end in .jpg, .gif, etc.
                3. Impatience. There's no indicator that they're uploading, it just tells you when it's done (but even on a slow modem 100k shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes)
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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