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  • First major job

    Meeting a client, she explained what she wanted to do. The number of photos that were shown to me were in an album. a number of which were glued to the paper, she also had a number of photos that were taken from other albums to which they were glued to and had pieces of paper attached to it as well.
    There were a few photos that had glue (w/ paper) stuck on critical parts of the photo (i.e. faces).

    The majority of the photos that were there was a simple matter of adjusting contrast and some basic restoration that would take less than half an hour per photo.
    She also requested that they be enlarged. (most looked about wallet sized)

    considering, she was also a bit a bit of a budget as well, so that limited quite a few things I was able to do.

    Before I would get started, I wanted to have her talk to mother and go get the history of the individual photos and write notes.

    What I offered her was a complete scan/archiving of her album as it currently is.

    Fix the individual photos as agreed, name the files and make a Document referring to files. (Date/Persons/locations/etc)

    2 copies of each CD made will be given to the client as well one to be put in a safe place.

    I will attempt to remove the glue on there, but will not be responsible for any damage that may occur.

    She doesn't require a printing of the individual photos, so there is no issue with that either.

    Basically: how in the world do I get, what appears to be, Elmer's glue off a photo?

    Any suggestions, O Wise ones?


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    Elmer's glue is made by Borden's company. You might want to contact them for advice. Company's Info Ph #: 800-848-9400. This would probably be your best bet unless someone knows a remedy for sure. When you get your information, test it on a small corner to be sure it's okay. Also be aware that most techniques *could* have delayed effects on the photos, and you might want to mention to the customer of that possibility.



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      Wow, Rick, looks like you have your hands full with that job. Ed probably has the best idea with consulting the company that makes the glue. I wish I could help but I'm sure others will know more about that subject than I do. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


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        Well, initially it just seems like it's elmer's glue and that's what I'm hoping for since I think it's one of the easier adheseives <sp?> to deal with since the remedy is relatively simple.

        This is one of the reasons why I told her that I'm willing to archive the entire album before doing anything physical with the actual photos.

        From what I can tell, she's not overly anxious with the photos.

        "Well, I'm not willing to spend that much, it's only my father's side of the family."

        I sense issues. however, if I do a good job on this, I'll get the other branches of the family.



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          If you come across a technique that works really well, be sure to let us know about it. That could be helpful to someone in the furure.