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Challenged Newbie Needs Photo Manipulation Help.

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  • Challenged Newbie Needs Photo Manipulation Help.

    My name is torrey james, and I am a "Newbie" to this group and PhotoShop6.
    I just built a website, minus keywords and search engine submission, etc....
    I made some colored smoke for it by following a tutorial that guided you step by step. It's the easyist way for me to learn. If you look at my home page -- --- you will see my logo. What I need to do with it is to remove the background color entirely, leaving the image without any color or shading around it, just blank. Can anyone help me with this one? torrey.[/

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    Make a duplicate layer then turn the background layer off (click the eyeball)

    On the duplicate layer use the magic wand tool (keyboard shortcut W) and, while holding down the shift key, select all the black background areas. Then go to Selection->Modify->Contract and set for 1 pixel. This will leave a black outline around the character. Hit the delete key. Bidda Bang..transparent background. At this point you can delete the original "Background" and save with a new file name.
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      Hi Torrey, if your logo is on its own layer, then just Ctrl+click on that layer to select it, then you can paste it to wherever you want.

      if however the whole thing, logo and background is one layer, then you have to remove the background from the image.

      I did this by first duplicating the image of the logo. Then I looked at the channels to find which one had most contrast to make a good mask. I chose the red channel, and copied it to an alpha channel. Then I applied levels to this to exagerate the contrast, then used dodge and burn tools to make a black/white mask of your logo.

      Now ctrl+click on alpha channel to select logo, inverse selection to select background. Now click on duplicate background layer to make it active, then edit-cut to remove background from logo.

      You now have a background and a layer with just logo on it. Made background active and painted white. Saved as a Tiff file or any file type that supports layers.

      Now to apply logo to anything, just ctrl click on logo layer, then edit-copy, to load to clipboard, you can now paste the logo onto any other document or image you wish.

      Hope this answers your question.

      Find attached 2 images, 1 is logo on white background as described above.
      2 is logo applied to image.
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