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  • Doug Nelson
    Most common reasons uploads don't work:

    Too big (cut it by 25% and try again)
    No ".JPG" suffix (this stymies some Mac users).
    Impatience (there's no progress gauge, and can take a few minutes with slow connections)

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  • kathleen
    how you made the scalloped light tracks

    thought process in general

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  • Matt Elder
    everytime I've tried to upload an image, I've never been able to. I would love to get it off my server space. I go to browse, make sure it is a jpg under 102400 but when I hit submit, but it never appears. I'm not trying for a free lunch or anything, just generally didn't think that people would be interested. Alot of it was shear experimentation. Took about 20 hours to do and the final file has about 120 layers all doing different things. If there is enough interest, I'll write a tutorial or part there of or something. What are people interested in?

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  • Doug Nelson
    Well, it's certainly...different

    I had to stare at it awhile to finally see the original image, and would never have guessed at the source if you hadn't told us outright.

    So, c'mon, no free rides here: how did you do it? What was your inspiration, thought process, etc. What were you trying to say?

    My first take on it was as some sort of bizarre subway photo.

    And I encourage all sorts of play outside the Challenges. They're one thing, this is another. No reason they can't co-exist nicely.

    And do us all a favor and attach a copy, so years from now when that link is dead people aren't left in the dark (pun intended).

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  • Matt Elder
    started a topic Wallpaper Design

    Wallpaper Design

    G'day Everyone,

    I've just been having a play around with some 'tutorials' and the like and this is an image that I produced.

    I have larger versions of it on my website ( ) for those who are really interested. I'd certainly be interested in any comments as the base image was taken from "Photo manipulation Challenge 6".

    I loved the image with the architecture and gradients but didn't like the actual challenge (sorry DJ Dubovsky).

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    Patrick's Challenge
    by Trick
    This'll be truncated in lieu of later posts...

    OK, now I would initially like to hear everyone's opinions on how they would restore this. After hearing someone's formula, I will send the TXT file that includes the steps that I wrote that were edited by a few folks at Adobe, and again...
    11-24-2001, 12:50 AM
  • chiquitita
    Retouching / Restoring vs. Recreating
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  • BigAl
    Tent on Malolotja revisited
    by BigAl
    I recently asked my students, as part of an Internet awareness assignment, "What is the significance of the 'Tent on Malolotja'?". As this image was discussed in an earlier thread, I thought I'd share what the students found.

    What I was actually after was:
    • what had been done?
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  • Jakaleena
    How Much Artistic License?
    by Jakaleena
    Ok, ethics question here...

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  • jeaniesa
    Need help removing blotchy stains from B&W photo
    by jeaniesa
    I've been searching the web (including newsgroup archives) for the past two days looking for tips on how to do this. I finally got ahold of an old Adobe tutorial, but unfortunately, the technique is for color photos and I couldn't figure out how to make it work for B&W.

    Anyway, here's...
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