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where am i going wrong ?

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  • where am i going wrong ?

    Can anybody put me straight please

    I have been trying to follow this tutorial to get the same effect but am failing

    I downloaded the action digidaan b & w conversion
    i can only get a image if i flatten the image after using the action then i get plain lost after using the unsharp mask

    Hopefully i have attached the original image ( i know got to sort out the red eye, but as i was going to black and white i thought i would wait and see if needed doing ) also the image i am getting which i quite like as a drawing but its not the effect i wanted

    please can anybody help me
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    I think the part you missed was using the history brush. You have to set the history brush setting on the unsharp mask in the History and then set the image back to before you used the unsharp mask, and then use the history brush to paint in the sharpness of the eyes onto the picture...After that you basically just dodge the areas around the image...

    I really hope I explained that right!

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      I'll let you in on a secret - I have never used the history brush and I hope I never will.
      Every time you see this brush being proposed as part of a technique you can be sure that there is a much better way to do the same thing with layers and masks.

      Here is an equivalent set up using layers......

      ban the history brush
      ban the history brush
      ban the history brush
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        thank you

        Thank you both very much i think i have got it now with your help as you can see but please understand it was only a quick go to see if i can do it will spend more time on it later. I dont know about banning the history brush mainly because i do not understand it ! ! !

        Once again thank you
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          Hi palms1,

          here is the result I got .... followed another path, though.... I think that condition, resolutions etc of the original picture are very important for the outcome ....

          After the Channel Mixer adjustment (grey) I 'denoised' the image to get the necessary smoothness ...


          Originally posted by byRo
          I have never used the history brush...
          ..that makes two of us ... well, I tried it ... but never really liked it ....
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            OOOOOOOOpppppssss ..... we cross-posted....

            You are definitively getting there!!!!

            As for the History Brush, like for every other technique in Photoshop, it's just a matter of preferences .... the result is what really counts .... no matter how you get there...


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              Good point Ro,

              But there is ONE situation that I have found the history brush useful (other than being in a big hurry to get a client's pic done) and that is to remove red eye. (the channel mixer method) I could create an adjustment layer and mask it but I have never in my career gone back to make changes to it so I figure "why make my file bigger." Other than that, layer masks all the way!



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                palms1, as Flora said the quality of the original is very important. It's not easy to find a photo that will take 500% sharpening and not end up a mess. You can be sure that the original that was used in the link you posted to dpreview was first class!
                Originally posted by palms1
                I dont know about banning the history brush mainly because i do not understand it ! ! !
                Ok, I over did it a bit! But seeing as you came out with a nice result without using the history brush, then don't lose any time learning how to use it!


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                  Thank you all again

                  Thanks all again
                  thank you for helping me sort this effect out and for the different ways it is done i have took all that is said on board and WILL try all way's
                  and see what i learn, as i have liked everyone's image


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