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  • paste into... but how?

    Hi everybody,
    I red and wrote sometimes on this forum (from florence italy) because I can find a lot of very good tutorials much better than intalians now again I have a little question for anyone who can give me a help...I have 2 pics; one is a pic of a paper and the other one of a scissors....(here in this e.mail I've attached the pics)...... the fact is that I shoud paste the towel on and around the scissors like if the scissors were covered partially by the towel , only the red palstic of the scissors must remain out of the paper....does anybody know how to do it in the best way with Photoshop Cs, I mean I shoud do that with a very precise details so I need a powerful tool in photoshop. Thank you .
    Grazie. Ciao.
    [email protected]
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    Hi, loonard.

    You should be able to do what I think you want fairly easily.

    Create a new image. Open the paper and scissors images. Put the paper image on the bottom layer. Put the scissors on a second layer above the paper. Add a layer mask to the scissors layer. Then painting with black in the layer mask, hide the parts of the scissors that would be blocked by the paper.

    If you're unsure how to create a layer mask or make new layers, don't forget to check the help file. It's a really good resource once you know what you're looking for.

    Hope this helps you.

    --Racc Iria


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      Ciao Lorenzo,

      Was this what you had in mind?

      Since your both images (.gif) came on a transparent background, working on the paper image (the bigger of the two), I simply dragged the scissors Layer on the paper Layer, moved the scissors to the desired position and placed the scissors Layer under the paper Layer...

      Hope this helps ....

      P.S. ... since the paper was white, I created a gradient background for contrast.
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        Using the same method, with the help of a Layer Mask you could also create this effect....
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          Yep.. very easy. First I looked at the size of the larger image.. the paper. I did an IMAGE -> CANVAS SIZE on the scissor image to make it the same size as the paper image. I moved the scissors to the top left. I selected the translucent background on the paper and then hit SELECT -> Inverse. Then I hit EDIT -> COPY. Then I went back to the scissor one and hit EDIT -> PASTE and positioned the paper.
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            Originally posted by Flora
            Using the same method, with the help of a Layer Mask you could also create this effect....

            Hi Flora ,
            Thanks for your answer, but could you please write me how exactly you did it?
            I mean I've tried with a layer mask but did'n t work like you did.
            Thanks 1000


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              Ciao Lorenzo,

              here are the steps I used to get that effect:
              • I 'dragged' the scissors Layer on top of the paper one.

              • I positioned paper and scissors where I wanted them.

              • I added a gradient Layer at the very bottom.

              • Working on the 'scissors Layer', I clicked on the 'Add Layer Masy' button at the bottom of the Layers Palette. (this created a default White Mask). (Attachment 1)

              • Working on the mask, using a hard edged black brush, I painted over the part of the scissors I wanted to be hidden under the paper. (After this, my Mask looked like in Attachment 2)

              • For effect, I added a 'Drop Shadow Layer Style' to both scissors and paper Layers. (Attachment 3)

              Hope this helps...
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