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Optimizing an 80+ year old photo

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  • Optimizing an 80+ year old photo

    By Kevin Raleigh on Sunday, June 24, 2001 - 12:30 am:

    I have several old family type pictures. I would like to optimize them but really not sure what optimizing them could mean.

    I am using PSP 7.0 and have run them threw threw all of the filters and image correction options in every variation and some variations that were suggested.

    I have actually made some major progress in my abilities to retouch and rework some images.

    What would really be helpful tough is if I could get an example of how far It is possible to take one of these images, So that I can get glimpse of what is possible.

    Is it possible for anyone to take a look at these pictures and possibly throw some corrections at them so I can see what can be done with the rest of them?

    I have a handful of them stored on my temp web site at:

    NOTE: Time really isn't an issue, A week, a month what ever. Or if you have an image comparison and possibly a list of what you needed to do to get it there.

    Just looking for ideas...

    any insight would be appreciated

    Thank You
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