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Creating multiple curves masks

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  • Creating multiple curves masks

    Hi all,

    I can't figure out how to make curves layers within a single action, what I want to do:

    Create three channels with each one a copy of the background layer.
    Adjust each layer with curves to mask 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 tones.
    Create three new adjustment curves layers with those tone masks.

    Any action recording i tried gives me different, but always incorrect results. Does somebody know how to achieve this?

    PS: Using CS2

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    Just bumping this to see if any of our members might have a solution.


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      i dont have photoshop, and therefore i dont have actions. i'm also not sure i'm completely understanding what you want, so i'll pose this more as a question than an answer.

      create 3 channels? you mean layers here or am i just missing something?

      on the 2nd step, add a curves adjustment layer and group it with one of your duped layers. set a mask on it (the curves layer) to 25% opacity. is this what you want? and if so, then do the same with the other layers only at 50% and 75%.

      and on step three, why create new adjustment layers? why not just dupe the others without the copies of the background layers? you've already got your AL's with masks. just copy them?

      i know i'm flying blind here being that i dont have PS, but maybe my questions and your answers will help clarify this for anyone else.



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        (sorry I didn't see this before - thanks T Paul for the bump - I've been pretty much off-line for the last month)

        Seems similar to my layer set up for the pencil sketch.
        The set of actions is here .
        (as I remember) The first action makes the masks and the second puts them into the layers.

        Hope this helps, if not we'll try again.


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