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  • canon d-300 printer

    Thinking about getting a dye-sub printer. One of those that prints only 4x6 prints. and wanted to know if anyone is using them amd if they would be cost worthly. Thinking about getting on to print out about 100 or more 4x6 proofs from a digtal camera from wedding instead of sending to a lab. Any thoughts or suggestions??

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    I have been printing them on a Epson 1270 for a long time. Only doing a few at a time. I found that if I need to print a large number of 4 x 6 prints, it was more cost effective for me to send the digital files to one of the on line printers and have them print the 4 x 6 size. In bulk purchase I can get the 4 x 6 printed for $0.19 each. My Epson 4 x 6 paper cost me $0.32 per sheet, then I would have to add the cost of the ink and my time to print them. You do have to wait a few days to get the prints mailed back to you.


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      Thanks for your help. may ask where you are getting your digtal files done?


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        The bulk rate from

        For larger size up to 20 x 30 and just few 6 x 4 prints from

        I use the second one most of the time, they are located in St. Cloud, Florida about 250 miles north of where I live. I send digital files to them, (up to 72 meg), and I get the images back in two-three days. The dotPhoto site takes much longer.


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          ezprints look good. I have used dotphot before and they were VERY slow over a month in getting the prints delivered and the quailty was not very good so thanks for the info.


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            I just had two 20 x 30 prints made by Ezprint, I sent them the file Friday night about 10:00 PM had the finished prints back Wed. afternoon. Every thing I have ordered from them has looked good, colors matched the master image on my monitor and the turn around time is fast.