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Adding color accents to a grayscale image

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  • Adding color accents to a grayscale image

    Hey, I am using Photoshop 8 and cannot find anywhere how to add color accents (like eyes, piece of clothing, etc) to a grey/black and white image. If anyone could help me, I would be so grateful!!

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    Welcome to RetouchPRO!

    Take a look at these tutorials on the web. If you run into questions, it helps if you ask specific questions about a particular image -- you can post the image in this thread and show folks which parts you need help with. -- (both versions of a tutorial by the late Carl Volk)


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      You cannot add color to a grayscale image that is still in grayscale mode. You must first convert it to a color mode (RGB, CMYK etc.)

      Create new layers to paint so that if you want to make changes you can and you don't mess up the original. Set the blending mode for your paint layers to achieve the effect you want (multiply, overlay, screen, color etc.)


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